African Invention of Mathematics, Egyptian Way of Calculating the Circle

Symbol, Form and Number in Ancient Egypt

Lebombo bone, Ishango bone, Egyptian method of calculating the circle.
A Vision of Early Egypt.
The Primeval Goddess; How she created the world;
The origin of the River Nile.
The angry goddess and her helpful daughters.
Hill sanctuaries, a rite of creation.
The Followers of Horus, a long war, a good king and his queen.
Unification of Egypt.
King Narmer, holding a speech-Pyramid program of the Old Kingdom.
Harbor of the heavenly kha-channel (Sneferu's pyramids).
Hemon's masterpiece (Great Pyramid).
Long before Archimedes (calculating pi).
Evidence in the Great Pyramid
How was the Great Pyramid built?
Chamber shafts, statues, a hidden chamber.
Horus cubits, gallery, sun barks.
King's Chamber and sarcophagus
Isis and Osiris.
Life symbol Ankh

Rhind Mathematical Papyrus

Peri Aigypton Hai Matheamatikai Proton Technai Synestaesan (Aristotle, metaphysics, book 1, chapter 1).
Correct Method of Reckonig, for Grasping the Meaning of Things and Knowing Everything that is, Obscurities ... and all Secrets (Ahmes, begin of the Rhind Mathematical Papyrus, translated by Robins & Shute).
How long are the diagonals of a square?
Cube and equilateral triangle.
Double square.
Doubling the volume of a cube.
Calculating the circle.
Cumbersome? No, a clever tool.
Multiplying unit fraction series.
A calculation of interest.
Playing with beans.
Rhind Mathematical Papyrus, duplations and conversions.
Down under algebra.
A short way to pi.
Duplations and right parallelepipeds.
Rhind Mathematical Papyrus, problems no. 7-38.
RMP 32 - a magic parallelepiped.
RMP 34 - an easy way to measure a granary.
RMP 33 - a wooden container in the shape of a cube.
RMP 38 - transforming a square hekat into a cylinder.
RMP 37 - a cone.
RMP 35 - a triangular pyramid.
RMP 21, 22 and 23 - Re had many names.
RMP 36 - a pair of granaries.
RMP 31 - a granary on a ring.
RMP 7 to 20 - spheres holding rectangles.
RMP 24 to 30 - Sacred Triangle 3-4-5 (cube 1-1-1).
Rhind Mathematical Papyrus, problems no. 39, 40, 64 (Intermezzo).
RMP 39
RMP 40
RMP 64
Rhind Mathematical Papyrus, problems no. 41 - 60 (demanding)
RMP 41
RMP 42
RMP 43
RMP 44 and 45
RMP 46 and 47
RMP 48
RMP 49
RMP 50
RMP 51
RMP 52
RMP 53 (highly demanding)
RMP 54 and 55
RMP 56
RMP 57 and 58
RMP 59
RMP 60

Babylonian Mathematics / All is equal, all unequal

Babylonian clay tablet YBC 7289
Plimpton 322
All is Equal, all Unequal (new and old version)
Preview on the book: Hermos - Hermaes - homoios - homaereo - Homaeros

Comment by a kind reader from Philadelphia: Dear Franz, What a remarkable achievement! Your new book on Egyptian Mathematics is truly astounding (...) an eye opener (...) Your work is an entirely new approach to mathematics of ancient times, and I am fascinated by it (...) John

46 Lessons in Early Geometry

46 Lessons in Early Geometry, provisional version in freestyle English

Early China

River Map Ho-T'u and Magic Square Lo-Shu